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Campaigns starting from 50 mailings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do the offers work?
Our 3 offers give you access to different features and especially to different unit prices. The first offer (Lite) does not include any subscription, while the other two include a minimum 3-month subscription. Upon validation of your order, we will indicate the best offer for you.

Is there a commitment?
The Lite offer does not include any subscription, so no commitment is required. You pay only when sending your cards. For the Pro and Max offers which include setting up automations, a 3-month commitment is required. You can cancel starting from the 4th month, with no additional fees.

Is a subscription required?
No, the Lite offer is subscription-free, you only pay when you send your cards. The subscription only gives you access to more features and a more advantageous rate for bulk mailings or automated scenarios.

Can I share my subscription if I take one?
Yes, you can build a team, and all team members will benefit from the advantages and rates offered by your subscription without having to pay again. Typically, for recurring users, one subscription is sufficient for the entire company.

What offer do I need?
For a one-time campaign, or to send less than 500 cards, the Lite offer is often the most suitable. For creating automation or sending more than 500 cards, the Pro and Max offers are more suitable.

Do you offer discounts?
Yes, we can offer discounts on certain projects, clients (associations, non-profit), on large volumes or recurring projects. Feel free to contact us for more information!

What offer to create an automation?
Automated creation is only possible with Pro and Max plans. These plans also provide you with a dedicated project manager to support you in setting up your campaign.

What is the minimum volume?
Each campaign must consist of a minimum of 50 copies. As for automations, you can trigger the shipments progressively (card by card).

What formats do you offer?
We offer A6, A5, DL card formats, as well as C6, A5, and DL envelopes. These formats are available in different papers (recycled, luxury...), visit the editor to learn more.

Is it really written with a pen?
Yes, our cards and envelopes are written in blue Pilot G2 gel pen ink and feature imperfections that make them indistinguishable from human handwriting.

Are envelopes included?
We tailor to your needs, so we can provide you with cards, cards and envelopes, or just envelopes, you choose directly in the editor.

Is postage included?
We can either send the cards directly to your contacts and add a stamp, or send the cards in a package for you to handle the delivery.

Do you handle the printing?
Yes, we can take care of everything: printing your cards, providing your envelopes, writing, postage, and sending. Our offer is flexible, feel free to contact us to learn more.

Can I send you my cards to write?
Yes, we offer the basic service of printing your card backgrounds, but you can also send them to us by mail. We will then write on your materials.

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