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Card sending service written with a pen

The pen-written card sending service

Stand out and impress your customers and partners by sending ultra-personalized handwritten cards.

From 1.93€ per send.

Easy as pie

Manuscry is the only platform that allows you to integrate handwritten notes into your marketing and communication strategies, just as easily as an email.

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You type

You create your handwritten card campaign on our online editor by typing your texts on the keyboard.

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We write

We print and write your cards and envelopes in ink and pen, then we ship them to you or your contacts.

Worldwide Delivery
Production in 7 days

Robotic pen writing

Manuscry technology allows you to integrate handwritten notes as easily as an email, while creating strong, positive, and lasting relationships with your recipients.

Trigger the emotion

Send ultra-realistic handwritten cards as easily as an email, build lasting relationships with your customers and partners.

Send less, but better

Our cards are written on eco-friendly paper and shipped from our workshop in Yvelines. Postmarked with Lettre Verte, our letters don't take the plane and are carbon neutral.

moins mais mieux

Robotized Writing Technology

Our unique technology is capable of generating and writing texts indistinguishable from human handwriting. Under the watchful eye of our production team, our robots write your cards and envelopes in ink and pen.

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Ultra-personalized experiences

Use the card editor to create and customize your handwritten campaigns, as easily as a newsletter. Choice of writing style, design customization, QR code addition... offer an ultra-personalized and memorable experience to your contacts.

import fichiers

Merge with your contact files

Import a contacts file to create cards with unique content, including variables like first name, last name, company...

Identical cards, fill-in-the-blank texts or unique texts, we offer the customization mode you need.

Automated Scenarios

Easily create handwritten card sending scenarios for your customers following a specific action (order, moment, promo code, etc...). We offer over 2000 integrations, including no-code tools and e-commerce platforms.

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worldwide shipping

Worldwide shipping

From France, we ship your orders worldwide. In packages to your address, or in envelopes directly to your contacts, distance is not a problem. We can also write in all Western languages.

Manuscry Scribegen

Authentic Handwriting

We offer various writing styles, all created from real human handwriting.

Our Manuscry Scribegen AI is able to generate texts imitating the imperfections of human handwriting.

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Le support le plus impactant en 2024

With a 25% increase in retention and 3x more responses in prospecting, the handwritten card is a tool whose effectiveness is easily explained.


Are positively surprised

75% of French people say they are positively surprised when they receive a handwritten card from a brand.


Open & Read

97% of French people declare that they open and read handwritten cards, even from brands.


Keep them

80% of French people say they keep handwritten cards, even from brands.

From 1.93€ per send

Supply and writing of cards and envelopes, stuffing, postage included: we take care of everything!